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Full Version: Dev Tools in Firefox Developers Edition Browser
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I've been using Firefox Aurora for about a year now and this month they changed from "Aurora" t what is now the Developers Edition.  It is still beta, but has some good features for watching your code performance and catching some coding errors. 
search for Aurora to find installation instructions.

  There is a tool set, called the "open web developers tools" which is accessed from an icon on the Firefox menu bar (icon is a wrench).  There are a set of default tools offered, and you can attach other tools from the Firefox addons collection if you want them.

The default tool set includes the following:

Html/css code inspector
Console terminal
Style Editor (CSS etc)
Performance recorder
Timeline monitor
Network activity monitor

No, it doesn't do PHP OR ci code (yet)
chrome already have it Smile
Sorry, I don't use Chrome ®...