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Full Version: use phpbb session in codeigniter
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i have a probleme to use phpbb sessions in codeigniet when the user logs in phpbb.i already use the phpbb library in CI but there is no problem with this.ALL i want is to use the phpbb session.I try these codes in CI to get session without success:

- $this->phpbb_library->this->_user->data['username'];
- $this->phpbb_library->user->data['username'];
- $this->phpbb_library->this->_user->data('username');
- $user->data['username']

SO How can I do to have all the sessions when i log in phpbb,not by CI.I tried to read these pages on this forum but I have this message in each page:"You are not authorized to perform this action" and im connected.this is the pages:
thank for help.

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