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Full Version: Unknown column 'Free' in 'field list'
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I am encountering a strange error which I am not able to replicate with earlier version of Codeigniter (1.7)

The error I get is
A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1054

Unknown column 'Free' in 'field list'

INSERT INTO `devices` (`deviceIdentifier`, `installType`) VALUES (351863048175265, Free)

Filename: D:\wamp\www\Everythingelse\sieveSMS\system\database\DB_driver.php

Line Number: 330

My Controller code is as follows
            $data = array(
                'deviceIdentifier' => $deviceID,

My model code is as follows


class device_model extends CI_Model
    function insert_new_device($lData)
        $this->db->insert('devices', $lData);
        return $this->db->insert_id();

The two variables '$deviceID' and '$appType' have valid alphanumeric values.The columns 'deviceIdentifier' and 'installType' are varchar columns in table 'devices'

Has anyone encountered this error? when I add quotes around the variables '$deviceID' and '$appType', it works, but the value in the table also has the quotes.Do we need to process text data before inserting in the MySQL table via active record?

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Put the code below in your controller:

and what is in it?

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[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
I would think this should fix it:
$deviceID = (int) $xmlString->deviceID;
$appType = (string) $xmlString->appType;

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var_dump($appType); echoes the following

object(SimpleXMLElement)#19 (1) { [0]=> string(4) "Free" }

As suggested by Eric Barnes casting worked!