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Full Version: What is the right way to load own helpers
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I am new in codeigniter. using version 2.0.2

I am trying to load my own helper file from application/helpers folder.
but codeigniter show me error : Unable to load the requested file: helpers/common_helper.php

after some debugging i found that the loader class is looking for that file first in
application/helpers folder if it exists then system/helpers folder. but there is not such file so it generating the error.
i made some change in the loader file as following :

/*Original code Line No 759  */
if ( ! file_exists($baseclass))
    log_message('error', "Unable to load the requested class: ".$class);
    show_error("Unable to load the requested class: ".$class);

change to:
moving the include statement from line 785 in this condition.
if ( file_exists($baseclass))

now it working fine with me.

is it OK? i don't know.

can any one help me please.
thanks in advance

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[eluser]Aziz Chouhan[/eluser]
hi hasib

for your problem i recommend that visit to the above link

this will help you to create your own library and load and call as per required.

if you have any problem then reply

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You likely named your helper file incorrectly. CodeIgniter looks for a specific structure when it comes to the file name. In your case, it is looking for the file "common_helper.php" in the "application/helpers/" folder. If you rename your file to that, everything will work fine. There is zero need to modify the Loader library.