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Full Version: Mongo DB | Saving Session States on a DB Cluster
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I am building an app that requires the use of a database cluster. We are using MongoDB to manage this. Most of my data actions are using an API; however, in order to store session information I am required to use MongoDB as a session handler. This is requiring my to instantiate the on and only at application start:
$conf = array(
    'servers' => array('', '', '', ''),
    'options' => array('persist' => 'mongo-session', 'replicaSet' => true )
require $params[1];
MongoSessionHandler::register('mystery', 'sessions_website', $conf);

Where should I place this code at so I can create sessions that will be stored using MongoDB? My call to the database cluster will consist of sending a unique session id everytime I call the api.

$ret = $dispatch->loadPersonFromSession($session_id)->execute($data);

Any help would be appreciated.

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I would override the session class, create your own using mongo. There is a section in the user guide on overriding libraries