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Full Version: Javascript only works on the home page
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Hello everybody,

Just wanted to stop by and ask if anybody has had this problem.

I'm setting up a site and for some weird reason javascript only works on the home page. I'm loading the views dinamically, like so:

If I click on a link that takes me to http://localhost/site/index, javascript works just fine, but if from there I click a link that takes me to http://localhost/site/about, javascript does not work any longer.

I know the files are there because I'm only switching the view with the $main_content variable, and when I inspect the site in firebug everything seems to be there, loaded and available.

Also tried the
redirect('/site/about', 'refresh');
and it would just not work.

Any ideas?


El Forum

Take the / off of the begging!
redirect('site/about', 'refresh');