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Full Version: Looking for a tutorial to create app similar to CodeCharge app
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Is there any tutorial that shows how to make a parent-child app like the ones that are built by CodeCharge wizards.

Specifically, I am looking for an app that has the following:

1. Shows a table of records.
2. Contains a search field above the table to filter shown records.
3. Allows user to click on a record on the table to edit or go to a page with a table of child records.
4. Allows the user to insert records.

Appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction.


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No takers on this?

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[eluser]Nicholas Bello[/eluser]
Hey ClarionRAD,

What you are talking about is a basic CRUD application (Create Read Update Delete). A quick search online found this tutorial but there are literally countless tutorials out there. Nettuts also has a video series here. Be careful though, I'm not sure that these tutorials are for CI 2 and up which just came out a few months ago.

There used to be a lot of popular tutorials on how to build a blog with CI (a blog covers the basic CRUD functionalty) but I don't know that any of them have been updated for CI 2.0+. Perhaps some other people can add more resources but that's what I have for now.

Good Luck.


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Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reply.

I have gone through a few tutorials. Although most are pre- CI 2, they are easily updated to work with CI 2. Basically, the core classes have to be renamed to CI_Controller and CI_Model (The CI docs do cover this in the upgrading from a previous version section). I have got basic CRUD working with CI 2. But what I am looking is to see if there is anything that has the whole thing as I mentioned.

I am working towards building a CI app that works similar to a CodeCharge basic app but wanted to know if someone else had done this before.

Thanks & Regards.