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Full Version: Query string in URI fails on default controller
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Iā€™m working on a site that occasionally uses query strings to get a couple of user defaults (for instance language, as in

Everything worked fine up to 2.0.2, but 2.0.3 broke in a particular situation: when the query appears on the home page (as in Everything still works when the controller name appears in the URI (such as in, home being the name of the default controller).

Calling triggered the 404 page. Calling raised an additional error if the ā€˜=ā€™ character was not in $config['permitted_uri_chars'].

I can find a number of workarounds (explicitly using the default controller name, for instance), but I suspect there is some king of bug (maybe in URI.php) that prevents the use of GET ?parameters on the default controller.

If anybody has the same issue, or even better, a fix, or even best, advice as to how I could do it in a better way, please chime in!