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Full Version: How to use global function?
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I want to move pure php project to CI2. when I move page to view folder and run. CI2 don't use global variable and global function. I try to solve problem three days ago.
I try to remove $this->_sanitize_globals(); but no effect.
and try to move include in core/codeigniter.php ; it can run global but it have some error too.

How to remove some security for use all global variable and global function? because this project almost use global variable/function.

please help me.Confusedhut:
--(pure project) php // (project before)
------common.php // inclide libary
------xxxxx1-100.php // use global about 100 files O.O
--(codeigniter) //(my project)
--------main.php // $this->load->view('some page.php')
--------somepage.php // this file. I move from upper project