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Full Version: Is there a need of a new theming library for codeigniter?
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I know there are a few theme libraries out there for codeigniter ( or or ).

I didn't like the way those worked, so i began working on mine. I liked the wordpress style theming, so i based my library on that. I am making the library for my needs, so i am not sure what problems you all are having when using a theme library or when styling your codeigniter application.

So is there a need of a new theming library or are you happy with the existing ones? I would like to know the features you are looking for in a theme library.

I have a small demo of my library here. (no code released now, few more bugs to fix before release)

demo :
theme list:

default theme is a blank one, select the "tank_auth" theme from theme selector to enable tank_auth theme.

"tank_auth" theme was specially made for tank_auth authentication library with no modification on the library, not even a single line added/changed. We just place the tank_auth theme to the theme folder and set the theme.

Themes can be set for controller or a theme for the whole website.