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Full Version: Facebook PHP SDK (v.3.1.1) - EXAMPLE
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I had some trouble upgrading to the newest SDK. Maybe this will save someone else the headache. Here is a simple example to get you started. The example contains a simple controller and a library file to extend the Facebook SDK and get it to play nice with CI.

You will need to download the SDK itself and extract the "src" folder contents into /application/libraries/facebook/

Download Example:

Download SDK

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[quote author="Trae R." date="1319173618"]Perhaps this will also help:

As of this post it looks to be regularly maintained.[/quote]

For whatever reason, Alfonso hasn't been answering his requests for about a month now. I had a lot of interest in this post as he had done a stellar job of maintaining it for about a year or two and then, poof... gone! Sad

Maybe he'll return but for now, he has misplaced the TXT docs as to how to implement his code and hasn't responded to requests to get it up and running on GitHub. He left Bitbucket and took it to GitHub and in the process, dropped the ball...