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Full Version: Codeigneter Vs Yii any solution
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the above site compares CI and YII

y CI doesnt have those features.. if its there please reply.. ajax,auth modules,modules,ORM

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[quote author="Coccodrillo" date="1320833352"]Your question really should be considered trolling, but I'll dignify it with an answer.

Firstly, the versions compared are CI 1.5.4 and YII beta 1.0... Well, CI 1.5.4 was released July 12, 2007 and Yii has been out of beta since December 3, 2008. Current versions are 2.0.3 and 1.1.8 respectively.

Secondly, there is support for all these features, albeit trough 3rd party, but i'll be darned if I'll be doing your work again. Here's your chance to prove you know how to use the search function.[/quote]

Now can you compare YII and CI latest version.
I am new to framework but used PHP from 2 years.
I am searching which framework to use.