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Full Version: Method "CI_Validation::set_fields()" for the new version class "CI_Form_validation" of the latest version CodeIgniter
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I'm trying to migrate my old site with the old version of CodeIgniter to the latest version (2.1).

But with the validation class, I would like to know what the new method similar to old class "CI_Validation::set_fields()" for the new class "CI_Form_validation"
Tthank you

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1.5 until 1.7.2 for example.
"Note: To display errors this way you must remember to set your fields using the $this->validation->set_fields function described earlier. The errors will be turned into variables that have "_error" after your field name. For example, your "username" error will be available at:

from comparing the old and the new docs, I'd say, set_fields has gone and has merged into set_rules, which now takes 3 parameters instead of one.