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Full Version: Accessing query results incredibly slow
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Hi Guys,

This is really strange! I have a ODBC connection to a MSSQL 2008 database. I am running a query which is returning 3200 rows and the query executes within 0.5 seconds.

I assign the result to $result and I return this to my controller.

If that is all I do then the controller executes in 0.5 seconds.

If however I try and access a row within the $result such as

echo var_dump($result->row(0));

The controller takes 110+ seconds to execute and then correctly echo's the var_dump. If I try and do ANYTHING with $result it takes this long... I'm totally stumped!

I hope someone has an idea of what might be going on here?

El Forum

Well, i just want to shared if u dont want use the odbc with MSSQL, u could see this forum: