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Full Version: Problems with Join
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Dear users,

Im having an function which get data from my database and joins different tables. This is the function:

public function getCallcenterCall() {
    $this->db->select('bedrijf.*, status.status_naam, quickscan.datum_verzonden');
    $this->db->join('quickscan', ' = quickscan.bedrijf_id');
    $this->db->join('status', 'bedrijf.status = status.status_id');
    $this->db->where('status', '0');

    $query = $this->db->get('bedrijf');

    return $query->num_rows() > 0 ? $query-> result_array() : FALSE;

In the table status i got 3 rows: 'id', 'status_id', 'status_naam'. In my view i output the status_naam. But here it gets wrong.

Instead of giving me the 'status_naam' that belongs to 'status_id=0' it gives me the 'status_naam" where 'status_id=1'.

Same goes if i try to get the 'status_naam' for 'status_id=1' then it gives me the "status_naam' from 'status_id=2'.

What am i doing wrong?