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Full Version: [New] Neo-CMS (CodeIgniter + HMVC + groceryCRUD + Phil Sturgeon's Template + My Own Logics)
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I just make a codeIgniter based CMS. I know there are already so many CMS based on codeIgniter, and I don't claim Neo-CMS better than them. Some of them, such as pyro-cms and hero-cms are great, and I never think to beat them.

I make Neo-CMS as everyone web kickstart. It already has some popular plugins included (HMVC, groceryCRUD, Phil Sturgeon's template). In addition, I also add my own logic (for authorization and some CMS management).

Neo-CMS is fully modular (since I use HMVC). It also has a very simple architecture, so that everyone familiar with CodeIgniter can use Neo-CMS as well.

I put Neo-CMS at github :

I think I need community suggestion if there is something wrong with my architecture, my code, my approach or whatever.

Thank you

EDIT : Neo-CMS has been changed into No-CMS. Please take a look on this new thread :