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Full Version: Some questions about HMVC Modular Extension and ( Partial ) Views
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I've just discovered HMVC Modular Extension for CodeIgniter and it seems perfect for my needs but I have some question.

Let's say I have two controllers:

Site which is the main controller and is used to show site's pages and may call methods of Users controller for example to show a form
User controller is used to authenticate users, to show login/sign up forms...
Now I have these questions:

If the user access the User controller directly ( I want to show a full page while if i load a method of User from within the Site controller I want to show only a form (for example), is this possible?
What happens to view of a module loaded from another module: is the view shown automatically or i need to show it manually and how does the view behave?

P.S. i think that i'm talking of "partial views"