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Full Version: Problem in displaying BLOB image from MySQL database in a webpage
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To display an image stored in MySQL database I am using the following code in my controller
function display_image($id){
        $user='root'; $password='Passw0rd'; $db='pppmis';
        mysql_connect('localhost', $user, $password) or die('I cannot connect to db: ' .  

        $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM project_image WHERE projectid = ".$id);
        $row = mysql_fetch_array($query);
        $content = $row['image'];

        header("Content-type: ".$row['mime']);
        echo $content;

which is not working, all that I am getting is a string as output as below

but at the same time if I use this function in a simple php file and directly call the function in that file it works and outputs the image as desired.

I have also tried using
$this->output->set_header('Content-type: image/jpg');
without any luck.

Any help here would be of much appreciation.

Thanks and happy new year.