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Full Version: question for building exam system
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I am newbie on platforms, and I decided to do my project on codeigniter platform to implement my project.

My project is to build an online exams system.

My question is, Can using codeigniter will help me to do this ?
if yes, How can I start ?

Thanks a lot


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[eluser]Manish Sunthwal[/eluser]

I was looking for this project since a long time. Glad to see this thread on this forum.

By the way, I work freelance, and I am developing a product which has integration of 5 applications (A good login system, chat system, a blog, a forum and a exam system). I am done with (login system, a blog), already started little bit on (forum, exam system and chat system), however, I am struggling a bit..

It would be really a great help if you can assist me out in developing (forum, exam system and chat system) using codeigniter...

Thanks & Regards,
Manish Sunthwal