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Full Version: General php OO tutorials / tips?
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Hi there,

I have around 6 years experience with php, and about 3 years using Codeigniter. I don't however have a formal background in computer science or alike.

I was wondering whether anyone had written any tutorials/blog posts about good practice for OOP in Codeingiter. I seem to suffer from just creating methods based on what I want to do for a particular action. As such, I end up with model and library methods that look like:
public function get_list_of_people()
. I am aware however that the true way of OO is to treat classes as true object with properties that can be modified.

I have looked at a number of other people's code and can spot the difference between good and bad code, however I was wondering whether anyone has any tips for how they go about creating code in their libraries, models etc?

Thanks in advance,