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Full Version: $this->session->set_userdata seems broken?
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Hello everyone,
I seem to be having an issue after upgrading to CI 2.1.0 and the set_userdata function. Previously running on CI 2.0.3(?) everything was working fine.

So I have this small block of code:
$details = $this->getClientDetails($validlogin['userid']);
                $sessiondata = array('username' => $details['firstname'], 'passwordhash'=>$validlogin['passwordhash'], 'logged_in' => '1', 'userid' => $details['userid'], 'status' => $details['status']);

Which functions properly up to the point where $this->session->set_userdata($sessiondata); gets called. below is what happens in the DB table, as you can see "user_data" is empty and seems to be skipping it completely?.


Any ideas?

Thank you