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Full Version: system/core/Lang.php bug
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I think this may be a bug or at least un-intended consequences.

language defaults to English from the config.php file.

My folder structure is:

My command to load spanish is

Using the existing Lang.php file, the idiom does not change. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

My app is designed to allow the user to change languages while logged in. To do so, the user changes the language and the app loads the strings_lang.php file for the new language.

However, it seems that the system is only designed for one idiom to load. In particular the code from the load function in system/core/Lang.php around lines 76-79

if (in_array($langfile, $this->is_loaded, TRUE))

This code returns if the particular language file has been loaded but does not seem to pay any attention to whether this is a new idiom. My app loads English as default automatically. When my controller commands to load a new language, the Lang::loader says, this file has been loaded (albeit the English version) and returns without loading the new idiom.

What I did was to comment out the above lines. Everything works as intended.

(CI version 2.1)

El Forum

Indeed, it's a bug - a fix is on the way. Smile

El Forum

Can you confirm if this solves the problem: