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Full Version: Active Directory with MySQL commands
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Hi all,

New to using codeigniter and really love it!

I'm wondering whether I can use Active Directory functions with MySQL commands?

Like so:

$data = array(
   'uuid' => 'UUID()',
     'name' => $this->input->post('name'),
     'date' => 'UTC_TIMESTAMP()'

$this->db->insert('test', $data);

Any ideas?


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Anyone? Sad

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No, it doesn't. Get the value of UUID() and pass the value to store instead of the actual function. Otherwise it will just store that "UUID()" as literal text.

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Okay cool. Thanks for the answer.

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You can use built-in MySQL commands using set() and then insert() instead of insert() by itself. Look at the User Guide section for set(), it will tell you how to keep it from auto-escaping.