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Hi there,

I have started a small business about 2 years ago with the main activity in web development.
When i first started i was at ground 0 with the web development techniques and i struggled to learn all the things i could html5, css3, some jquery but not much, and most important php.
Because i didn't manage to learn php, i kind of abandoned the idea and started on the photo industry where i managed to do something.
After a while, i saw some blog posts about CodeIgniter and i was very excited to see how easy is to work with it.
And that was the beginning...
I know i had to learn php first and after that to learn CodeIgniter, but to me seemed easier that after some time i realized that it's time to learn php, and now i am learning. - is one of my personal sites that i built it using the CI 3 framework. The backend has a small CMS for which i worked about 3 months and still woring. The design it's not made by me (themeforest template), but it's nice.