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Full Version: Best authentication system for production
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Hello, i was watching many tutorials on how to build stuff with codeigniter but none of them actually tells you how to be ready for a production website. My main problem is the authentication pard. How do you register and login a user securely and be safe from sql injections and other harmfull stuf? I know that CI comes with security features but i dont know if they're enough to protect my site especially in authentication.
What is your opinion on the subject? What should i do to be ready for production?
I have the same feeling, any one have good authentication class?
Have you tried Ben Edmunds Ion Auth?
What about Tank-auth ?
But it is not longer maintenance
I second @Dracula - Ion Auth is relatively easy to implement/extend and works well.
DX Auth has recently been updated to work with CI3.  I have used it on several projects and like it.
i authentication library of choice is Ion-Auth. Been using it for a while now. And as was mentioned it is easy to implement, extend, and use, and it is compatible with CI3 RC2.
+1 for Ion-Auth
What about Community-Auth ( ?
What's the general feeling about this library here ?

I am just about to start a new project and I was thinking about using that one.

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