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Full Version: Program for evidence of incomes/outcomes - open source
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Program for evidence of a personal income and expenses has been made in CI.
Why another such a program when there are several good ones on that area ?
I want to have very simple program for use with clear overview and with a very few features.
Central part is booking of the expenses and incomes.

These are the features:
- Booking of incomes or outcomes from the same interface,
- One or more currencies (defined by user settings),
- One or more accounts (user settings),
- One or more categories of income and outcome (user settings),
- Booking of income or outcome may be on pending. It will show different color on reports and amount will not be included in the summaries.
- Transaction from one account to another,
- Various reports according to date of income/outcome, categories, search through date of income/outcome. For instance it is shown the amount on account on that earilier date.
- search by description or the categories.
- backup script in sql format.

Program is open source, license GPL 2, free for personal or commercial use.
Localization is on English (check will be needed) and Croatian languages.
For that purpose, i18n library is used -
Library works great.

It's more kind a desktop program, because of that installation script is made, something that many CMS have, such as Drupal.
Beside CodeIgniter, there is use of Jquery.
By the way, Internet explorer doesn't handle this menu, maybe IE9, but I don't intend to loose my time with that.

Download from Github is here:
Demo (and help with installation instructions ) is here:
Hope that somebody will find it useful.
All the best,

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thank you for your contribution. I was just playing around with it and got an error on this page:

Undefined variable: default_accounts

Actually, you get that error on any of the Booking pages (income/outcome/transaction).

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Yes, thanks for reply, haven't uploaded latest version there. :-()
Now shall be ok.