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Full Version: FckEditor doesnt return any value
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I was able to successfully integrate FckEditor into CI as a form helper extension with the help of this post, thanks to flyer. The problem I'm facing now is that I cant seem to retrieve the value - I get an empty string.

Here's what I'm doing in my view file:
$introEditor_attrib = array(
                              'instanceName' => 'intro_text',
                              'Height' => 200,
                              'Width' => 700 );
echo form_fckeditor( $introEditor_attrib );
And in my controller function I'm doing this:
$data[ 'intro_text' ] = htmlentities( $this->input->post( 'intro_text', true ) );

Where am I going wrong?


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Using ajax?

If so check this out:

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really helpful

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No, I'm not using AJAX but I tried out the hack. It doesn't work Sad