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Full Version: How to impliment HMVC in 2.1.0
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I find interesting using HMVC in CI. I went through tutorial from

It has used CI Version '1.7.1'. It works fine.

My question is, can we implement HMVC in latest version of CI such as 2.1.0?
If yes, how are the steps to configure routes, autoload and confi; and also in Controller and Modules? What extra files are required, where to place those files?

Thank you for your support.

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Just the same way. Except that you replace CI 1.7.1 with CI 2.1.0 and the used HMVC version with the most recent version which can be found here

There's also a good tutorial on installing/configuring your HMVC-App on the bitbucket pages by @wiredesignz.

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Thanks PhilTem for you great suggestion. I helped me a lot.