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Full Version: CI irrelevant, but help please
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Hi, this is CI irrelevant, but i need ur help.

Im checking if $value exists in $Temp arary or not. The code as following:

$value = '123';    
        $Temp = array();
        if (!$Temp =[$value]) {
            $Temp =[$value] = '1';
        } else {
            echo $value.'exist in array';    

It generate me the following error :

Severity: Notice
Message: Undefined index: 123

Any idea ?

El Forum

that's some weird code Smile
If you just created the array nothing is in it so you don't need to check if the $value exists.
I'm not sure if you want to check if the value is present in the array as a key or as a value.
If you want to check if the key exists
If you want to check if the value exists (in a one dimensional array)

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why donĀ“t you use the native php functions for this??
in_array() - value exists

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gunters solution for searching the value is better (less functions) and for the key you could use

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cheers guys ...
got it solved ...
million thanks