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PhpBugs ( from is (will be) the the next "must have" issue/ticket tracking system. It is the project I am working on with my codeigniter installation..

Was wondering if you can provide me some feedback how the project is going. What features you seek in a ticketing system.. and what would you love to see, etc..

The primary goals of PhpBugs is to be really easy understand, really fast, and lightweight, and that can be installed in almost any server with very few clicks.

This is my very first snapshot on this project.. and I have been working on it for about a week now..

Was wondering if you can provide me some feedback, and feel free to test all, brake it do whatever, if you find any issues, please just click "New ticket" and it will allow you to summit tickets without registering. or just post it here

Right now a system is in place that any guests will be automatically registered and be able to post tickets and ticket replies, and even change ticket statuses, is part of the testing process.

What I got so far, is the workspace area, submit, view, and change tickets statuses. Implemented a very powerful filtering system, it goes straight to the point.. a bunch of other small features that are not obvious to the naked eye, and still lots of stuff to do. It saves your workspace (open a few tickets, close the page, and open it again, it will load all your tickets you were looking at etc)

thank you very much and let me know your thoughts