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Hi friends ,,

How to update number of bookmarks in our table..

anybody have idea ... plz help me

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hi, please tell me how to count the book marking

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Hi - Your request is a little ambiguous for me, but maybe this will help; this assumes your database field is called 'bookmarks':

@Sawariya: (btw, is that aishwarya rai?)
$sql = "UPDATE table_name SET bookmarks = ?";
$query = $this->db->query($sql, array($number)); //will update bookmarks with $number, set table_name to whatever name your table is

$sql = "SELECT COUNT(bookmarks) AS total FROM table_name"; // 'AS total' is an alias for the total number of bookmarks
$query = $this->db->get($sql);
$row = $query->row();
$total = $row->total;

In SQL statements, it's customary to UPPERCASE SQL syntax but it's not necessary.

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thanks friends...
this way i know.. i want to updates number of bookmarks after
bookmarked a particular link.. how can its possible... Anybody can help me to do..

thanks again. for your reply