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Full Version: Problem with UTF-8 in the URL
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First, sorry about my bad english.

When I create a dynamic address in UTF 8, I get strange characters.

The url look like this:שלום#.T9H1U9WRGSo

Instead of this:שלום

The links look okay:
<a href="http://www.domaincom/article/שלום">Text</a>

But after I click on the links, I get a redirect to here (in all the browsers except IE):שלום#.T9H1U9WRGSo

Thank you all Smile

El Forum

This is a Javascript issue. You probably have a javascript that inserts a hash to your URL. For example if you have jquery ui-tabs. That doesn't work in IE it is probably that you have an error to your Javascript and it doesn't work in IE.

El Forum

You're right!
It's just the annoying AddThis bar.

Thank you!!!!