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Full Version: Next and Previous Pagination
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i have a page where a list of items will be displayed. when i will click on any single item there will be details of that single item. now i am trying to use next and previous of pagination to go to the next item details or previous item details. but it is not to do it?

my code is below.
        $config['base_url'] = base_url() . 'url/url';
        $config['total_rows'] = $this->myMODEL->function();
        $config['display_pages'] = FALSE;
        $config['first_link'] = FALSE;
        $config['last_link'] = FALSE;
        $config['next_link'] = 'Next';
        $config['next_tag_open'] = '<div>';
        $config['next_tag_close'] = '</div>';
        $config['prev_link'] = 'Previous';
        $config['prev_tag_open'] = '<div>';
        $config['prev_tag_close'] = '</div>';
        $config['uri_segment'] = 5;
        $config['num_links'] = 5;
        $config['per_page'] = 1;

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[eluser]Sanjay Sarvaiya[/eluser]
First of all you have to load pagination library for pagination
after that initialize you settings and define per page items as
$config['per_page'] = 20;

during pagination have you got any error?