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Full Version: getting problem with the in sending email with gmail
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Hello Sir, I am continuously getting error with the code,I checked your from and googled a lot but didn't find anything wrong. Please guide me to solve this problem.
here is the code:-

  class Email extends CI_Controller {
      function _construct() {
      function index() {
          $config = array (
               'protocol' => 'smtp',
               'smtp_host' => 'ssl://',
               'smtp_port' => 465,
               'smtp_user' => '',
               'smtp_pass' => 'praveenpuglia',
               'smtp_timeout' => 10
          $this->email->subject('checking this mail');
          $this->email->message('yee...i win');
              echo 'mail sent';
          else  show_error($this->email->print_debugger());

solved........ Smile

El Forum

You might want to change your gmail password since you posted it in your code snippet!