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Full Version: Merging CodeIgniter Builds
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What's the easiest way to merge builds of CodeIgniter? I just found out about the CodeIgniter repository and the latest build has some features that I'd love to tap into, but I'm nearly finished with the CMS that I'm currently working on. So, considering that, is there a relatively easy way to merge the new build into what I have now, or do I need to just start copying it over file by file?


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[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
For the most part, the dev team tries not to break anything (if so, it will be listed in the log). You shouldn't have modified any of the core files, so just make a backup of your application, update your checkout folder, and then copy that on top of your app. Go test and make sure everything works correctly.

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Just make sure to exclude the config/ directory in your app (assuming nothing has changed between your version and the trunk).

I just did this myself a bit ago.

onlytechnews is running off the latest trunk at this point. is next