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Full Version: fail to load image in cezpdf codeigniter
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this is my code in controller

function exportPDF()
    $data['unit_kerja']= $this->admin_model->getUnitKerjaPDF();
    $titlecolumn = array(
                        'id_indeks' => 'Nomor Indeks',
                        'nama_unit' => 'Nama Unit Kerja'
    $this->cezpdf->ezTable($data['unit_kerja'],$titlecolumn,'Master Unit Kerja');
    $this->cezpdf->addText(50,32,8,'Printed on ' . date('m/d/Y h:i:s a'). ' copyright cmail system BPS');

when i called the controller,, the data is show well,, but i can't load the image... thank you...

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Did you load the url_helper? It is needed to use base_url() etc.

El Forum

sure... i've load it in autoload.... i don't know where is my mistake,, i've tried to solved it.. but nothing change.. Sad