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Full Version: [Help] How to create a user login and registration?
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Anyone have a script or any good and clear tutorial on how to make a user registration and login function in codeigniter? There are some on youtube but its outdated. And i cant find any other tutorials for the latest version of CI

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checkout the wiki.

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I just finised doing this.

I used Ion Auth using the following steps

1. Got CI up and running with a clean install and connected to my database (both locally and on my server)

2. Downloaded Ion Auth from git hub -

3. Installed Ion Auth as per the Read Me

3.a - make sure to create the tables needed using the SQL commands included in the project folder (sql/)

4. Basic views are located within the project for Log In and Registration pages

4.a Login -
4.b Registration -

It was pretty painless once I went through the basic CI tutorials in the user guide (Ive been at this for about 4 days now...newbie!)

Hope this helps.