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Full Version: please help me tool for codeigniter
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I don't know tools to write code igniter. I 'm still used to zend framework to write code igniter but it's not untilities for every times to write a command. It's not show to me sometime I typer a word .....for examese I typed a word "do", it's not show for me "document" or doxyz... that word ?. do you know me ?. I must be remember comment sometimes I don't know check it at where because Words I typed wrong...

you can show me tool to write code igniter ?

thanks verry much/.

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You english not making very clear statement you make Smile

Seriously, I suppose you're asking the forum what tools you have to use in order to write code with code igniter? I use netbeans. I start a new project and copy all the files from a clean CodeIgniter package to the project. The next thing you should do is read the tutorials...

I hope I read your question right Wink

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You don't need to use autocomplete in IDEs in order to use CodeIgniter. If you learn the user guide, you will learn more than any autocomplete can help you with. If you just rely on autocomplete, you will never learn CI to it's fullest, or even what it's capable of.

The problem is CI uses a singleton PHP pattern, which makes it hard for most IDEs to use autocomplete without some additional work. There are ways to get it to work, just type "name-of-your-IDE + codeigniter + autocomplete" into google.

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I'm agree with Cronix, however there are some with autocomplete option for codeigniter, one of those are CodeLobster Pro Edition, which comes with not only CI but a lot of Framwerworks, like jQuery (Which i use, and why i like CodeLobster)... NetBeans is a good option.


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codelobster is what im using and its so much easier to work