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Full Version: PhPass Login Password Check - Help !
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Using Phpass library to handle password hashing and am stuck at the login password check.

The official PhPass documentation suggests the following
// example 2: checking a password
$user = $this->user_model->get(123);
$hashed = $user->password;
$password = $this->input->post('password');
if ($this->phpass->check($password, $hashed))
    echo 'logged in';
    echo 'wrong password';

And I am doing this (simplified version):
function login($email, $password)
$query = $this->db->get_where( 'users', array('email' => $email));
$row = $query->row();
$hashed = $row->password;
if ($this->phpass->check($password, $hashed))  {echo 'logged in';}
        else { echo 'wrong password'}

Without hashing my structure works fine but after hashing - this password check is not letting me in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :bug:

El Forum

Well what's different? Is it pulling your hashed password from the DB properly? Are you processing the submitted password at all before passing it to your login method?