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Full Version: creating a webpage in CiI 2.1.2
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OK so yes I am new to CI and new to MVC and new to this website :-)

I downloaded and installed the default CI 2.1.2 and now want to setup a webpage so I

1) copied the welcome_message.php page and made a new file with its contents
called clientintake.php in the views folder

2) in controllers I copied the welcome.php file and pasted it into a new file in that
folder called clientintake.php

I then go to my CI url to try to load the page which would be

and I get a error saying
A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined property: clientintake::$load
Filename: controllers/clientintake.php
Line Number: 22

Fatal error: Call to a member function view() on a non-object in /home/***/public_html/**/application/controllers/clientintake.php on line 22

Any suggestions what I am doing wrong? I shoudld note in my clientintake controller file I have the word clientintake everywhere the word welcome appeared

El Forum

You need to post the actual code to the controller.

El Forum

[eluser]TWP Marketing[/eluser]
Did you use the correct class name?
It should be:
class Clientintake extends CI_Controller
Note the capitalization.

Also, if will help if you show us your code. Using the [ code][ /code] tags