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Full Version: print_r() is not showing anything?
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El Forum

I'm trying to display the values of $data,

function index(){
$data['posts'] = $this->MPosts->getLivePosts(10);
$data['cats'] = $this->MCats->getTopCategories();
$data['title'] = "Welcome";
$data['main'] = 'public_home';

echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';  

echo "test, test, test...";

By the way I'm using TeamViewer and when I refresh the page.
I don't see the $data array.

I also don't see any error.
just the default page.

What could be the problem?

El Forum

I copied your code above removing 'posts' and 'cats' array and the print_r works fine. Is there anyway you can test it without using TeamViewer??