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Full Version: MyBB (or any other forum) - display as view
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El Forum

I'm looking for solution how to integrate any forum with existing application (existing layout and user database).

I found this

Looks ok, but I still don't know how to embed this script in my application (existing header and footer)? I need to put it in my third_party folder?

Run as library? Call simple like this: but what about htaccess?
I can see nothing in documentation about existing third_party folder. I don't want to do it by iframe. So, cUrl is good idea?

Maybe other forum script will be more easy to integrate?

El Forum

ok, I found info about third_party (sorry)
But still don't know how to embed it. It is not only one class (library), it is full external application with own index.php. So, only CURl or iFrame?