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Full Version: I created a Mac OSX Xdebug client to debug PHP code
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Hello CI community.

I just want to share with all of you my latest app, it's for Mac OSX and it's a Xdebug client.
I'm going to release it very soon, meanwhile you can check it out at

In a nutshell here are some of the main features:

- Doesn't need to set breakpoints directly to debug, one can just type "xdebug_break();" on their code so Codebug gets notified with everything (including source code)
- Supports breakpoits (if you don't want to use the above option)
- Path mapping
- Awesome code viewer with custom themes

More features are on planning board.
I'd love to know if this would be something you would like to use as a standalone tool.

Cheers guys

El Forum

im giving this a try but i cannot seem to get it to work. nothing shows up in codebug and ive followed you steps to load xdebug and set config options still nothing