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Full Version: CodeIgniter 3.0 Roadmap
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I've been trying to find the road map for 3.0 and have been unable to find anything concrete. Just a few phrases here and there about license change and Input class returning NULL. What I'm trying to understand is if and how CI will deal with these below points:

1. Using Composer and packages
2. Autoloading and dependency injection
3. PHPUnit integration baked-in

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1. Noting major to find about that
2. Nothing to find about this
3. PHPUnit testing

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CI will be using Sparks, not Composer.

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[eluser]Jonathon Hill[/eluser]
I for one much prefer Composer over Sparks. I wish the community had standardized around Composer and Packagist instead of rolling yet another repository and installer. The PHP community needs more interoperability, not less, but I digress.

If you want to use Composer, check out this installer which provides better support for CodeIgniter packages (including sparks) than the official composer/installers package:


I am currently working on a way to have Composer install packages from without having to define your own custom repository to bridge the two together.