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Full Version: Flora IRCBot
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[eluser]Mark LaDoux[/eluser]
Flora is an IRCBot written on a modified CodeIgniter 2.1.3 base. I had to disable the pesky 5 minute processing timeout in order to keep the bot from timing out and disconnecting from the network. I did a few other modifications to the core libraries, so parts of it are not 100% compatible.

Mostly you'll just need to put your controllers into sub-folders. Web interface stuff goes in the ./application/controllers/http folder, and irc controllers go into ./application/controllers/irc -- just move your controllers and subfolders to the appropriate sections and they will work without change. I do not promise that this will always remain the same as I'm forking from CodeIgniter source, retaining their license of course as per their license terms of use.

You can check out the dev source at - bot still in early stages, but there is enough there that it runs, all you need to do is add your own triggers. I'll have a user guide when I finish the first official release.