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Hi all

I use ipage for my hosting, and I have just converted my site to CodeIgniter. I thought it would be useful to record a few things here, in case anyone else has similar problems as me regarding ipage.

First of all I would like to say I'm quite happy with ipage. Considering the low cost, they have a pretty good control panel setup, and it's easy to find what your looking for generally. The main issue for some however may be the lack of technical customisation available. Which leads to my first problem and solution:

Problem: I wanted to store my application and system directories outside of my public / web root directory. However ipage doesn't allow you to go higher up than your root folder, therefore making this impossible.

Solution: In the Domain Central section of the site, once logged in, you can select your domain and then change what it 'points' to. The default is that it will just point to the root of your 'home' directory. However, I created a directory called 'public' within my 'home' or root directory, and pointed my domain to this. Allowing me to then store my application and system folders outside of this directory, making them inaccessible to public access from a browser (I think). Do let me know if I'm wrong about this!

All the best