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Full Version: Flot.js, Codeigniter and pulling data from Piwik Lib
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Hi All,

I really stumbled here, I'm using flot.js to generate a graph to show amount of visits (tried Google but the stupid Oauth thing happens every time so gone with Piwik, plus its better)

So i have done tutorials on the net and tried different libs and methods but no joy.

Here's all my code in parts controller header etc in


View File

Then in my header i have the two javascript files for flot.js and jquery

like so:

So i need to know how to get the varibles to work with all of which i have shown you when i do dummy data like: Dummy Java it works!

Would some please help me get this right much appreciation


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Look through some other posts on the net seems like i need to json_encode or something, anyone had experience with this pulling data from $vars and doing a print_r($visits) shows the visits which is currently 6 so do i need to do something else in order to get this within the graph?

El Forum

anyone willing to help?