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Full Version: How to grab content of website automaticly?
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I am bulding a website as news aggregator. When i add new url to my website i grab content of it and show users in a frame within my website. I need logic of news aggregator website which does all process automaticly. For example if i once add url to my base it grabs automaticly content of latest post of that site and and grab its content. is a great example of it.
You can check this lib for your project:
(12-22-2014, 12:55 AM)Rufnex Wrote: [ -> ]You can check this lib for your project:

Thank you Rufnex for your answer. But i have already built function grab websites. But what i need is to do this automaticly . Simply if i enter once url it always grab new post of that site.
Why not use a cronjob for that kind of task?
(12-23-2014, 01:14 PM)Rufnex Wrote: [ -> ]Why not use a cronjob for that kind of task?
cronjob is next step of grabbing. i meant before cronjob needed someway to get last news of any website which i inserted my database. I found a solution if someone needed Codeigniter-RSSParser . using this library allow me to get any websites last inserted news.