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Full Version: Opinion: Where to store site settings, meta, social, etc...
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I'm building a simple site for a client. Everything is going good but I can't decide on where to store the settings for the site.

I want to store:
Analytics code
Webmaster meta
Site description
Site title
Contact info

I've been flip flopping between doing this in a config file or doing it in the DB.

What do you think? What do you do?


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[eluser]Harold Villacorte[/eluser]
Since CodeIgniter makes it so easy to cache results I don't see any reason not to store settings in the database.

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I store those things in the db so the owner can edit them on their own from a simple form instead of having to edit php files, of which they know nothing about... Too many potential problems with non php people editing files. I don't want them to access the raw files anyway.

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Thanks guys,

This is exactly the kind of feedback I wanted.

Much appreciated Smile