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Full Version: Making a Join with 2 "ON" parameters -> Quote Problem
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Hi to everyone.
I'm using CI with postgresql. I use collumn name with case sensitive mode... like CompanyName.
Postgresql works with double quote to understand the name with uppercase.. if I put it without quotes, postgresql makes all to lowercase.

It worked very well in CodeIgniter until I needed to make a Join with 2 clauses ON.
CI accepts only string to ON parameter, so I put a string with an "AND" inside, like above:

fk_43.AplicativoId = Sistema.Campo.AplicativoId AND fk_43.Id = Sistema.Campo.TabelaId

CI returned this string like this: "fk_43"."AplicativoId" = "Sistema"."Campo"."AplicativoId" AND fk_43.Id = Sistema.Campo.TabelaId

So he understood the first clause, but forgot on the second.

Someone can help me? If someone just show me the file that makes the JOIN, will help me a lot...